Football Nomad: a travel and culture resource for football romantics

Football matters, as poetry does to some people and alcohol does to others ... There is more eccentricity in deliberately disregarding it than in devoting a life to it. The way we play the game, organise it and reward it reflects the kind of community we are.
— Arthur Hopcraft

Those who have experienced football culture in a foreign country know what a thrill it can be. Football makes connection easy, despite whatever pesky language or cultural barriers or indeed, personality differences, may exist. It is a powerful ice-breaker, helping us to learn more and connect with the world around us.

Football Nomad is a website for the new global football culture. One that is open-minded, generous and curious about the world. One that values engagement in an experience, not the recording of one. A culture full of adventurers, explorers and football romantics.

The website will share essential football travel information: how and where to buy affordable tickets, how to get to and from stadiums, the best local food and drinks to order, bars and pubs to frequent before and after the games, and a range of other football-related culture and activities.

What's more, it will allow you to connect and speak with other football fans around the world, opening up the possibility of building friendships and experiencing football culture in places you never thought possible...